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The Secrets Of Creating A Superstar Personal Brand | Krista Neher

October 28, 20131 Comment

What do people find when they search for your name on Google? Strategically creating a strong personal brand online can bring lots of professional and business opportunities your way. Krista Neher shares some of the ways she created her personal brand online.

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Guest Bio

Krista Neher is a leading authority, trainer, educator, author and international speaker on Internet marketing and social media, and is currently the CEO of Boot Camp Digital, a leading provider of social media marketing training and consulting solutions. 

Find more about Krista at

Company Website:

Her personal branding course website:

People, Book Recommendations, and Resources of Interest Mentioned In This Interview

1. HARO – Help A Reporter Out

Things You Will Learn In This Interview

Krista Neher started blogging about Social Media in 2007. In the last 6 years, she has created a strong personal brand which has brought many speaking gigs, book deals, and other business opportunities her way. She shares her story about how she started small but strategically created her personal brand online. She says that it is not too late and anyone can do the same even starting out in 2013. It requires consistency and effort but it can be done. Here are some of the questions I asked Krista:

1. What is personal branding and what are some of the benefits of creating a strong personal brand online?

2. Is it too late to start creating your personal brand in 2013?

3. If you are starting today, where should you start and what are some of the first steps you should take?

4. How to take advantage of HARO to get yourself published in reputable publications?

5. How to find a balance between online activities versus creating offline relationships?

6. How to create credibility elements that will get you noticed and bring business opportunities your way.

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Click to Tweet>>>> Branding is all about consistency.

Click to Tweet>>>> Business is done based on relationships.

Your Turn>>

Did you find this interview useful? Do you have some lessons to share about personal branding and creating your personal brand online? Please share your comments, questions, and suggestions in the comments box below.

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