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How To Eliminate Overwhelm And Focus On What Matters Most In Your Business And Life | Lisa Mallis

October 17, 20132 Comments

Do you feel overwhelmed in your work and life? Is this not the life that you imagined you would be living? Lisa Mallis shares some tips on how you can gain greater awareness of your life goals and live the life that you always wanted.

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Guest Bio

Lisa Crilley Mallis, time strategy visionary, combines her experience in secondary education and direct sales and her love of schedules, systems, and all things time management to create SystemSavvy Consulting. She is a master at cutting to the heart of overwhelm to help you regain control of your schedule and experience life.

Lisa prides herself on finding the specific techniques that work for each individual client. Learn to increase productivity by realigning values with tasks, learn to balance family and career through effective scheduling, and learn to design the life of your dreams.

You can connect with Lisa at

People, Book Recommendations, and Resources of Interest Mentioned In This Interview

1. Wheel Of Life

Tweetable Quotes from this Interview!

Click to Tweet>>>> Have you asked yourself: Am I in alignment with what is important to me in my life?

Click to Tweet>>>> Prioritize! Ask yourself, what is the most important thing I can do today to move my business forward.

Things You Will Learn In This Interview

1. What/Who is a time strategy visionary?

2. What are the signs that you are not in alignment with your life goals and are being overwhelmed?

3. Do some people find it difficult to admit that they are not being as productive as they can be?

4. How can you become more aware of what exactly you want in your life and business?

5. What are some daily things you can do that will make you a lot more productive in your business and life?

Your Turn>>

Do you feel overwhelmed or are you living your mission in life? What are some of your challenges when it comes to balancing work and life? Do you have some lessons to share with the Trep Talks community. Please write your comments, questions, suggestions in the comments box below.

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