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Start Today And Learn As You Go | Herby Fabius

October 31, 20136 Comments

Being a first-time entrepreneur can be a scary prospect. Herby Fabius suggests keeping your day job to pay the bills while making time to work on your business.

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Guest Bio

Herby Fabius is the founder of entrepreneurship interview blog Billion Success and the co-founder/Customer Development & Marketing for Triplefy.

People, Book Recommendations, and Resources of Interest Mentioned In This Interview

1. Anita Campbell of SmallBizTrends

2. Dane Maxwell of The Foundation

3. Nelly Akalp of CorpNet

4. The GreenTie Project

5. Barbara Corcoran

6. Entrepreneur on Fire

7. Shark Tank

Things You Will Learn In This Interview

In this interview, Herby Fabius shares his story of how he got started as an internet entrepreneur while keeping a part-time job. First-time entrepreneurs will identify with his story and will find inspiration in the advice that he provides.

His best advice is that if you have an idea and you are thinking of starting a business, then don’t wait – take the first step today and you will learn along the way.

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Did you find this interview useful? Do you have any advice that can help first-time entrepreneurs? Please write your comments, questions, and suggestions in the comments box below.


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About the Author ()

Sushant Misra is an entrepreneur and the host of Trep Talks. You can read a more about Sushant here. You can connect with Sushant on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • herby fabius

    Hi Sushant

    Thank you for allowing me to share my story with your audience.It was really great chatting with you. Thanks.
    herby fabius recently posted…Meet Paul Canetti Founder of Maz: Simple, Multi-Platform PublishingMy Profile

  • Michael Kawula

    Great job Sushant!

    Herby I noticed a great theme/message throughout the interview and that was do today what can be done tomorrow…..Take Action and stop dreaming.

    Funny you both bring up the “email list” as being a mistake and you hear it from so many people (Pat Flynn said same thing) and yet entrepreneurs start and hold off on the email.

    Herby I love your offer on your site for the email….great job.

    Wishing all Entrepreneurial Successes – Mike
    Michael Kawula recently posted…15 Entrepreneurs Share How They Use Twitter For BusinessMy Profile

    • Trep Talks

      Thanks Michael! Yes, email list is something that non-tech and tech entrepreneurs both bring up as something very important from ROI point of view – because it is yours (in a way)…you can interact directly with your list. Twitter, facebook etc is not yours.

      I am learning as I go. I am taking care of it as part of marketing strategy that I am slowly beginning to implement. Pat Flynn is definitely an inspiration for me as well. So many great info on his site.

      Hope to have Pat on the show someday. Thanks again for your comment Mike.
      Trep Talks recently posted…Start Today And Learn As You Go – Herby FabiusMy Profile

  • http://none Jacky Gueller

    This was a great Interview. I like the way Herby decided to start his business I was really Inspired

    • Trep Talks

      Thanks Jacky. I agree with you. Starting business is always difficult unless you have lots of capital to begin with (which is rarely the case).

      Herby’s story is inspirational.
      Trep Talks recently posted…Start Today And Learn As You Go – Herby FabiusMy Profile

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